we can't predict the future, but we can create it


ENGENERIS is a multidisciplinary team that provides Architecture, Engineering and Construction services. Currently operating in Portugal, Nigeria, UK and France, we also export a large diversity of materials wherever you need. Architecture and Engineering should work side by side, as a whole concept of project development. This is the best strategy to achieve your goals, making them our goals as well. You will find everything you need and much more, all in one place, with just one team. Professionalism is our motto and your uniqueness is our main concern when making your dreams come true.


This is where your dream building starts. Each client is a unique source of inspiration, whose cultural context and ideals drive our design. We are focused in presenting you with a solution that meets all your needs and anticipates your thoughts, combining functionality, comfort and your personal taste in one place.


Our range of expertise allows us to provide the best technical solution for every feature of your project, specially concerning the Energy Efficiency.


Our specialized skills are combined to coordinate all the technical plans of your project and to ensure the highest quality of execution, thus granting a deftly process where every detail is important.


We create your project from scratch, from idea to plan and from plan to practice.
We consider that this is the best way to ensure that the final result complies with your ideal and our project conception. Our team will manage the construction every step of the way, providing all the necessary elements, exporting materials and working with top qualified professionals.

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